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Tutor - Anna Fogg

CHANGE - Change Your Thinking, Change Your World - 33 weeks - Wednesdays

Ages 12-18 yrs - 8:00-8:55 pm

Tuition: $400* 

1.0 credit (psychology or elective)


The CHANGE class brings the psychology of real change and mental paradigm shift in a step-by-step program. Teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery, self-actualization and extreme self- development that have enabled successful leaders and business owners to discover true purpose, CHANGE will empower the student with extraordinary skills of leadership, the ability to self-motivate, and to harness the forces that will give them their own tangible success. Using documented and proven methods of self-development that have pushed ordinary people to become beyond extraordinary people, the students will be able to put to use a system in their personal daily lives and interactions with their family and peers, in their school work, and in their businesses.


CHANGE class does not, like many do, mistakenly assume that children and youth must wait for adulthood to have high levels of achievement and to become business owners and leaders. CHANGE class makes self-actualization readily accessible to young people and opens the window wide to these youth who are born and endowed by our magnificent Creator with untapped potential and much competence. Imagine the power to discover your real gift, imagine becoming the architect of your own life, imagine living always with a higher level of consciousness. Imagine what you could do if you had the ability to positively influence those close by you and all around the world. Imagine never seeing yourself as a victim, no matter the circumstance, but the creator of the life you want to live. Imagine changing the world! Students will create a comprehensive Vision Book that documents the lessons and skills learned, the various people studied, quotes, photos as well as a Vision Board. The class will utilize Socratic Circles, improvisation, and group activities to flesh out the learning. Each student will choose a ''Big Thing'' that will look something like the following:


1) Build a business - a working business that has profit

2) Make a mission/ministry - go to another country for your own mission, collect sports equipment, shoes, suitcases, etc, for homeless

3) Write a book & publish it

4) Publish a blog/youtube - with at least 3,000 follows to your blog, get sponsors

5) Plan a trip 'far away' for at least a week and take it (w a parent or chaperone)

6) Write a play/musical have it produced and performed

7) Compete in a major athletic endeavor like a  marathon or body building, climbing a mountain, a high- level dance competition, or become a fitness or yoga instructor


Materials: *texts - (all can be found in the local library, or on Kindle or Amazon)


Art(ful) Matters -33 weeks - Wednesdays

Junior level (6-12 yrs) - 9:00-9:55 am

Senior level (12-18 yrs) - 2:00-2:55 pm

Tuition: $400* + $64 supply fee


Creating art expands a person's ability to interact with the world around him, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. We know that art is important for our children, but it often gets lost in math, reading and writing, and we can forget that art matters the same way that language matters. Art is a language that is begging to be spoken by children and youth and gives communication skills that go beyond verbal expression. This class will teach 13 invaluable skills through acrylics and watercolor, mosaics, clay, beads, collage and more. The skills are: creativity, confidence, problem solving, perseverance, focus, non-verbal communication, receiving constructive feedback, collaboration, dedication, self-expression, self-esteem, fine motor skills and expression of the soul. Art(ful) Matters

is a cheerful, enthusiastic and vibrant class full of color, joy and a needed break from the rigors of a classical education. Students will be guided to see  that the journey of art and creativity is equally or more important than the destination.

*Note ~ The Senior and Junior classes are quite similar and most projects will be the same however, more emphasis will be placed on fostering independence in personal art with the older set as well as adding more complexity and depth to the various projects.



ART(ful) Journaling - 33 weeks - Wednesdays

Ages 7-12 - 10:00-10:55 am

Tuition - $400* + $40.00 supply fee (includes price of journal for class)


I share my passion for keeping memories, writing and journaling combined with a fun way to explore and create art that uses mixed-media.  The combination of these things makes FANTASTIC books filled with ideas, thoughts, wisdom, quotes, scrapbook pages, ephemera-filled memories and lots of writing creates a book all my students are proud to share.  With a blank book as our foundation, I guide and foster assignments as I teach techniques and skills in a systematic format.  The students will experience much art: a combination of paint - watercolors and acrylics, stickers, glue, decorative paper, decoupage, learning to draw faces, abstracts, photography, color wheel, pastels, inkings, and more... And then we will incorporate art history, poetry, the printed word as well as copious amounts of their own journaling to create their Artful Journals, lists, calendars, writing prompts and more....


How each student interprets the 'assignments' is so unique that each book is a true work of art.  We will work together on the same topic so that by the end of the year, each student doesn't get stuck or stagnant with their Artful Journal.  The books often end up literally bursting at the seams, often tied together with a leather thong. The book itself is a work of art.


*Note - I am happy to dramatically increase the journaling for those students that want this class to meet the requirements for a high school English credit. 


Students should have a small kit of basic art supplies that they bring weekly:

scissors, glue stick, white glue, thick and thin black Sharpie, pencil, crayons/markers/colored pencils. You don't need to buy any of these new if you have them already.  The other art supplies will be supplied with your art fee.


Nature Journaling - 33 weeks - Wednesdays

Ages13-18 yrs - 1:00-1:55 pm

Tuition: $400*

Supply Fee - $10.00

Nature Journaling class will provide an introduction and exploration of nature science by journaling. By capturing observations in word and art, each student's personal journal will provide the opportunity to experience connection with the natural world. Through individual documentation and guided research, we will work to build skills in observation, sketching and appreciation of life's beauty and mystery through the creation of the Father God.  


The most important part of this class will be the hands-on journaling activity that will encourage students to take the time to actually get out into nature with their journals. We will also take advantage of class times when the weather is pleasant to go outdoors with our nature journals.  Using the illustrative book "Keeping a Nature Journal" by Clare Walker Leslie and Charles E. Roth as a teaching/learning tool, students will become more adept at illustrating insects, creatures, trees and leaves, flowers and weather. We will also intersperse more artsy techniques, but each student will be strongly encouraged to make their journal personal to them while at the same time having a rich science experience. The class will have units that focus on trees and leaves, birds, invertebrates & vertebrates, and a special focus on the science that is right here around us in the DC metropolitan area.


ART History - 33 weeks - Wednesdays

Ages13-18 yrs - 11:00-11:55 pm

Tuition: $400*

*1.0 credit


From Prehistoric to Post-Modernism and including African-American contributions, a study of all the significant periods of art, the language of art, and insight into what the great works meant at the time created.  Study and recognition of the greatest works of art of the Western World tracing the classical roots in Greece, medieval, the Renaissance, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionists, up to present day will enable the successful student to give a tour through a Smithsonian Art Gallery by the end of school year. Studying history along the way and making a timeline integrates the works with the values and ideas that gave birth to them. Each student will make a Book of the Masters that chronicles and artfully displays their comprehensive journey and exploration of the Greats such as Leonardo, Rembrandt, Cole, Giatto, Bearden, Dali, Renoir, Picasso, Kahlo, Monet, O'Keefe and many more. We will feature and include artistic developments in Asia, South America and Africa and study how the diverse groups of people with their various approaches show their art and beliefs in creating their temples and churches.



  • The Annotated Mona Lisa - A Crash Course in Art History from Prehistoric to Post-Modern

  • Access to internet for Art History Lectures from Khan Academy

  • Two Field trips to Smithsonian Art Galleries