Bowie Set Up Pictures

Below are pictures of the Bowie campus.  On the left are the original conditions of the rooms and on the right are the classrooms as they should be set up. Please see the binder for specific instructions regarding each room.

The Binder with instructions and sign up sheets is in the cabinet in the blue room.

Sign In table should look like this.  Any church materials may put on the shelf underneath and replaced at the end of the day.

Remove all tables and chairs from the science room area first and then set up the individual rooms.  The portable white boards can be found in the closet. This is also where tables and chairs should be returned at the end of the day.

The folding tables, which are used in the math room and study hall, are located in the first room on the right.

Any chairs not used are stored in the hallway.

Science room set up.

Set up the yellow room first.  You may remove one long table from the art room to add to the yellow room.

Art room set up

Blue room set up

Math Room Set up

Study Hall Set up

Study Hall (Nursery) Setup