Art & Life Skills - Laurel Campus - Wednesdays














Tutor - Anna Fogg

9:00 - Bohemian Yoga

10:00 - Artful Matters

11:00 - Geography

1:00 - 3:00 - Amazing Workshops in Creativity! Details coming!

Art(ful) Matters - Wednesdays (& Fridays)

Ages 6-18,  9:00-9:55 am, 10:00-10:55 am

Tuition: $400* + $70 supply fee


Creating art expands a person's ability to interact with the world around him, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. We know that art is important for our children, but it often gets lost in math, reading and writing, and we can forget that art matters the same way that language matters. Art is a language that is begging to be spoken by children and youth and gives communication skills that go beyond verbal expression. This class will teach 13 invaluable skills through acrylics and watercolor, mosaics, clay, beads, collage and more. The skills are: creativity, confidence, problem solving, perseverance, focus, non-verbal communication, receiving constructive feedback, collaboration, dedication, self-expression, self-esteem, fine motor skills and expression of the soul. Art(ful) Matters

is a cheerful, enthusiastic and vibrant class full of color, joy and a needed break from the rigors of a classical education. Students will be guided to see  that the journey of art and creativity is equally or more important than the destination.

*Note ~ Although there is a large age difference in the students who may attend class, RCT believes the one room schoolhouse approach to art is especially appropriate.  Older students on occasion are able to help younger students, and serve as role models for behavior and creativity.  This composition of class has worked for the past two years with RCT and we have enjoyed great success. Whenever possible (which is often), more emphasis will be placed on fostering independence in personal art with the older set as well as adding more complexity and depth to the various projects.

Geography - Mapping the World by Art by Anna Fogg - 4 Quarters - Wednesdays

Ages 12-18 - 11:00-12:00 AM, Laurel campus on Wednesdays

Tuition: $400*

Designed for grades 5-12, students will map the world by learning to draw it by heart, using art.  Combining memorization with the real use of knowledge, practice, mnemonics, large and small group activities, and games, Mapping the World by Art inspires students to study – and love – geography.

  • Teaches students to draw – entirely from memory – detailed world maps of more than 190 countries.

  • Students learn that much of geography is learning to draw classically, and they are encouraged to creatively get better and better at drawing.

  • Students learn to draw the continents and countries within to scale utilizing latitude, longitude, the equator and the prime meridian.

  • Gets students excited about geography and encourages them to think globally.

  • Students will do periodic in depth studies of countries on featured continents as they present to the class, "Why I Should Go There"

  • Promotes positive student interactions and collaboration, both in small group work and as a class.

  • Gives students a constructive goal to work towards all year long.

  • Highlighting certain countries on each continent helps the student to understand the culture, religion and lives of people around the world.

  • The final test is done completely by the student, on a large blank piece of paper.

Materials Fees:  $12.00 for paper used in class to draw plus occasional print-outs from the tutor.

Students must have access to printer and print out maps periodically to work from for home study.  

Text to purchase for the class.  Siblings may share. National Geographic Student World Atlas

The Geography Coloring Book, 3rd edition, by Wynn Kapit.  Each student will need their own.  It is fine to get a used one as long as it's not marked.

Bohemian Yoga - by Anna Fogg - 4 Quarters - Wednesdays (& Fridays)

Ages 8 - Adult - 9:00 - 10:00 AM, Laurel campus on Weds, Bowie Campus on Fridays @11AM

Why Bohemian Yoga for anyone?

  • radically improves mobility, flexibility & range of motions

  • increases muscle tone and strength

  • improves your circulatory and cardio health

  • helps you sleep better

  • increases your energy levels

  • improves athletic performance

  • reduces injuries & improves posture

  • detoxifies your organs & improves immunity

  • decreases and manages anxiety and depression

  • helps with chronic pain

  • releases endorphins that improve your mood

  • protects your spine

Why Bohemian Yoga for Children & Teens?

  • develops body awareness

  • to learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way

  • to manage stress and anxiety through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement

  • builds concentration

  • increases their confidence and positive self-image

  • feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group

  • boosts academic performance for children with ADHD

  • improves focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behavior

Bohemian Yoga is for the absolute beginner who has never practiced Yoga before or the advanced student who wants to refine and hone their practice and continue to constantly improve their practice.  


Anna Fogg is a licensed 500 RYT Yoga Instructor certified in Hatha, Vinyasa and Meditation.  She teaches at Fitness Evolution in Silver Spring, Embrace Yoga in Adams Morgan, DC and privately in students' homes, corporately and in a gym.  She has over 2,000 hours of instruction under her belt with adults, seniors and youth and has taught extensively in summer camps and homeschool cooperatives.  


Anna has studied under 6 Master instructors who have taught all over the world.  Through Yoga, Anna has healed her crooked spine afflicted with scoliosis, found marked improved overall fitness and extreme flexibility, and become a significantly happier person.  Her instruction leans heavily toward empowering the student to find healing and restoration of the body through proper alignment, assists and happy Yogic experiences.  The 'Bohemian' in Bohemian Yoga means that Anna combines music, breath work and unique ideas that keep her Yoga students fascinated and constantly evolving.  


FYI:  Anna now offers Bohemian Yoga Retreats that combine Yoga, Functional Fitness and Art in Paradise. The next retreat is February 3-10, 2019 in Costa Rica  and is open to adults and youth.

Supplies Needed:  Each student needs their own Yoga mat, Yoga strap, Mexican blanket and 2 lightweight Yoga blocks.

*Please note: I do not recommend the extra thick 1/2" plus Yoga mats. Please choose a traditional thin mat.

(All easily available on Amazon, Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshalls & Sporting Goods)

For ideas on Amazon, here are the links: 

 Yoga blocks and strap

Yoga Mat

Mexican Blanket

Please dress for Bohemian Yoga in comfortable clothing  (not blue jeans) that will allow you to move unhindered.  Linen or cotton trousers, shorts or leggings, t-shirts or tank tops or dedicated Yoga clothing is all acceptable.