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Tutor - Stephanie Farnsworth

8:00 - Logic

9:00 - Spanish 2

10:00 - Ancient History & Lit

11:00 - LTOW1 Current Events

1:00 - LTOW2 American History & Lit

2:00 - Mock Trial

Introductory Logic – Fall Semester - Fridays

Intermediate Logic – Spring Semester - Fridays

Ages 13-18 - 8:00-8:55 am

Tuition: $400*


Logic is the art of reasoning well—of learning to think God's thoughts after Him. In this book, the authors lay the proper foundation of reasoning in the truth of God and go on to train students in the crucial skills of defining terms, recognizing basic types of statements, arguing with syllogisms, arguing in ordinary language, and identifying informal fallacies.  This text, together with Intermediate Logic, provides students with a rigorous course in logic that will help them excel in every other subject they will study, from math and science to rhetoric and the humanities. I recommend purchasing the student and teacher books, the test booklets, and the DVDs – especially for the Intermediate book.   Feel free to buy used teacher manuals but the 5th edition gives the best instruction.




ABEKA Spanish 2 - Fridays

Ages 14-18 - 9:00-9:55 am

Tuition: $400*

Pre-requisite: Spanish 1

"Por todo el mundo" means “unto all the world.” Give your student the skills to expand his usefulness in our global society both for God’s kingdom and in the workplace through this practical language course. We will speak, understand, read, and write basic Spanish in common situations. The emphasis is on communicating orally with an excellent accent and reasonable grammatical accuracy. The learn-memorize-practice-apply method helps your teen master content using a logical, systematic progression. With a focus on Spanish ministry, this 2-volume set (one text for each semester) has the added advantage of high-quality instruction and practice from a Christian perspective.

Both workbooks and the vocab manual are required, but the other available materials, though highly recommended, are optional.


Ancient History & Literature  -Fridays

Ages 14-18 - 10:00-10:55 am

Tuition: $400*

Ever wonder why Homer matters? Or why knowing something about ancient philosophy is important? This study shows you why the Ancient world is still relevant to our world and how ancient philosophy shaped our understandings of the human condition and the purpose of life. Journey along with Odysseus as he navigates his way back to Crete, read those lines that capture the essence of betrayal in Shakespeare's classic Julius Caesar, learn about the elaborate superstitions and brilliant engineering of the ancient Egyptians, and read about what it may have been like to be among the crowds listening to Jesus. This one-year study includes detailed study notes, writing and research assignments, vocabulary, maps, and web links. The ancient world is revealed through excellent literature selections by award-winning authors including Genevieve Foster, Padraic Column, G. A. Henty, Edith Hamilton, and Shakespeare. Pack price includes the Ancient History Study Guide, which contains 90 lessons. We will complete 3 modified lessons from the syllabus each week. If the syllabus is followed more strictly at home, this course should be counted as an honored class. Otherwise it is a 1 credit Social Studies course.

Ancient History Senior High Pack - $216.95

Lost Tools of Writing Level One– CIRCE Institute/ Current Events  - Fridays

Ages 13-16 - 11:00-11:55  am

Tuition: $400*


Using the three Canons of classical rhetoric, Invention, Arrangement, and Elocution, students learn to solve common writing challenges.  Students begin with a basic persuasive essay and progress to a complete persuasive/ argumentative essay, as well as the comparison essay.  The class will read classic literature and decide on individual issues to address and prove or compare and advocate.  Each student should have his own student workbook.  The following link provides more information about the program and the 5th edition.  Each essay will take three weeks to complete and then one week will be devoted to a current event when we will use the three Canons of rhetoric to analyze the issues.  This will result in 7 books being read and written about and 7-8 current events being analyze and discussed/ debated in class.



Lost Tools of Writing Level TWO – CIRCE Institute  - American Literature & Composition - Fridays

Ages 14-18 - 1:00-1:55 am 

Tuition: $400*

Prerequisite: Lost Tools of Writing Level One 1 Year Course

This is an in depth study for students who have completed Level One. Utilizing the themes from various books from European literature, we will study the Deliberative Essay (in Part One) and the Judicial Essay (Part Two), each of which are refinements on the Persuasive Essay taught in Level One. Just as the elements of Level One build upon one another, so Level Two builds upon Level One. Through the eight lessons/essays in Level Two, your students will work within the framework of the three Canons, but each will be aimed at the new kinds of essay.


Please go here to learn more about the details of the program.


MSBA Mock Trial Competition - Fridays 

Ages 14-18 - 1 hour/week + additional practices as needed + competitions - 2:00-2:55 pm (Sept-Nov) 2:00-4:30 (Dec-Mar) Note**

Tuition: $400* + Mock Trial Competition fees TBD after final enrollment

Co-requisites:  Lost Tools of Writing 2 (Judicial Writing) AND Logic


Using either civil or criminal cases, students will learn to think critically about timely issues. Acting as attorneys and witnesses, students portray defense or plaintiff/prosecution and are scored on their performances by judges or attorneys. The program's objectives are to (1) further understanding of the law, court procedures, and the legal system; (2) increase proficiency in skills such as listening, speaking, reading and reasoning; (3) heighten appreciation for academic studies as well as career consciousness of law-related professions. We will spend the first eight weeks learning trial language and court procedure. Thereafter, we will prepare using the official case materials issues by CLREP (Citizenship Law Related Education Program). Competitions take place at the local level - within each of the eight judicial circuits in Maryland - from January through March. Teams may advance to higher levels of competition depending on their preparedness and success initially. This class will involve a heavy time commitment and travel to designated competition sites within Maryland. Class size is limited and placement in the class does not guarantee participation in official competition.  Nevertheless, all students in the class will prepare and learn.  Students are encouraged to repeat this class more than once. Please go here to read more about the program.


During September - November, students will meet during class time from 2-2:55 pm. Beginning in December, students will meet 2-4:30 pm to practice using the 2017-18 trial materials.  There may be periodic extra practices called on mutually agreeable days.  In January and February at least four additional trial times will be called from 3:30-6:30 pm for home and away matches. We receive these schedules in December. If we advance to the finals and championship, there will more matches. We will be done with class by April at the latest which will leave the students with a free hour at the end of the day for at least 6 weeks at the end of the semester. Please keep in mind the considerable time commitment when requesting to participate in this class.


Please consider eliminating other extra curricular activities from January - April as practices, class time, competition and study time, as well as travel time can reach 10-12 hours per week.


Materials TBA


*Registration Fee and Facility Fee additional. See registration materials for details.