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Tutor - Kris Carpenter-Zyla

10:00 - Bio-Medical Ethics

Bio-Medical Ethics - What Have we Done? - Wednesdays

Ages 16-18 - 10:00-10:55 am

Tuition: $400*

An investigation into and analysis of the implications of technological advancements in medicine and health:

During this semester we, as a class, will define ethics, technology, implications, responsibility, and the Christian world-view, as well.

Students will learn to research appropriate subject matter, compare and contrast points of view and opinions, and critically analyze ethical issues as presented each week through text, discussion, and lecture.

Students at the Rhetoric level of study will be asked to defend decisions and personal points of view during class discussion and through the final paper.


Practical work will include step-by-step development of an ethical analysis process to apply to real-life case studies each week.


Supplemental reading will be assigned weekly as examples of true-to-life ethical dilemmas, individual considerations, and practice in ethical decision making application.


We will hear from professionals in the fields of ethics study/application and technological advancements speaking to subject matter related to our topics and theme.


Students will be encouraged to participate in weekly class discussion and provide periodical evidence of current and timely ethical matters in our society.



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