Math - Bowie Campus - Fridays


Tutor - Dane Volcjak


RCT has decided to utilize the proven methods of the Teaching Textbooks program for the math component of our classical tutorial.  Teaching Textbooks teaches how to solve math problems, why problems are solved in certain ways, and when to apply concepts. It emphasizes mastery of skills with step-by-step instruction, frequent reviews, all available with supplemental online instruction and record keeping.


It is essential that you accurately assess your child's math skills so that you can place him in the appropriate Teaching Textbooks class.  Their website offers a free online assessment to help determine whether a student has mastered the skills needed to be successful in a given level. These readiness tests provide immediate feedback to determine if your student is ready for a specific level and may even indicate concepts to review before beginning a new level.


Before registering your child for a Teaching Textbooks course with RCT, please complete the online assesment ​to determine the appropriate class level for your child.  We encourage you to not allow age or a pre-determined expectation to influence your decision about where to place your student.  Instead, enroll your child in the class that will best meet his current academic needs.


Mr. Volcjak is also available for private tutoring during the RCT day.  Please contact him regarding availability and fees at


10:00 - Geometry

11:30 - Available for Private Tutoring

1:00 - Course TBD (Please contact tutor with your request)

Geometry - Fridays 

10:00 - 11:30

Tuition: $400*

Geometry:  Topics include, but are not limited to reasoning and logic, lines/angles, congruency and similarity, theorems/corollaries/postulates, direct/indirect proofs, triangles, quadrilaterals, polygonals, circles, coordinate geometry, right triangle trigonometry, area/volume (solids), and constructions.  Course materials can be purchased, and placement tests can be taken at

*Registration Fee and Facility Fee additional. See registration materials for details.