Science - Laurel Campus - Wednesdays










Tutor - David Schuster


Physics with Lab - Wednesdays 

11th – 12th Grade - 8:30-9:55 am

Tuition: $400*

Lab Supply Fee: $45

**Pre-Requisite: 11th and 12th grade students with a good command of Algebra 1 skills. Basic trigonometry skills needed will be presented in-class.


The instruction for this class closely follows our textbook, Exploring Creation with Physics, 2nd Edt. Apologia. This high school physics course covers equations of motion, Newton's Laws, work & energy, waves, optics, electricity and magnetism. Class time is used to highlight concepts presented in the text, solve sample problems, and complete selected experiments from the text. The student will be responsible for keeping up with the reading and completing the practice problems. The Module Tests and Experiment Lab reports, each completed at home, will be collected and graded. These two items will constitute the majority of the student's evaluation.

Homework: 5-6 hours each week. Students are expected to keep up with the scheduled reading and practice problems.

Text: Apologia Exploring Creation With Physics, 2nd edition textbook & Solutions Manual

Supplies: TI-84 Graphing Calculator or equivalent capable of trig. functions and exponential notation



*Registration Fee and Facility Fee additional. See registration materials for details.