​Parent-on-Campus Program

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POC Duty Laurel

AM - 8:45am -11:45am

PM - 11:30am-3:30pm

POC Duty Bowie

AM - 7:30am -11:45am

PM - 11:30am-3:30pm

These are the Responsibilities of Parents on Campus for the 2017-2018 academic year. 
(See below for 2018-2019)


     Because we provide flexibility for our families, we need parental supervision for our study hall students, lunch, recess, and the opening and closing of the church. To meet this need, parents are obligated to periodically volunteer as the Parent-on-Campus (POC). As the Parent-on-Campus, the volunteer parent will monitor behind the scenes of the tutorial so the day can run smoothly. The primary responsibility of the POC is the safety of the students and the fostering of an environment that is conducive to studying during study hall.  Every family who has a child attending at least one class at a campus will be responsible for monitoring three 4 hour sessions per year per campus enrolled.


The frequency of volunteering depends on how many families join RCT. If there is no parent serving as POC, there will be no study hall provided.  In this case, parents will need to remain with their students when they are not in class or take them home.


     At least three times a year,  a parent will commit him or herself to the running of the school day for 4 hours (7:45-11:45 or 11:30-3:30pm) to provide flexibility and grace to our other families who will then be able to leave children in study hall or class knowing they are safely supervised. The POC will also use this time to teach students how to be good stewards of their belongings and our host church.


Please use the Sign-Up Genius Link above to sign up for your days.







  • Arrive 15 - 30 minutes early in the morning to help set up the church.

  • Stay 30 minutes at the end of the day to help restore the church to its original condition.

  • Adjust heat as necessary according to church permissions. 

  • Supervise study hall for students, ensuring an environment conducive to studying is maintained at all times. This means it is quiet in the main hall and SILENT in the nursery.

  • Provide for and actively monitor outdoor recess, maintaining the geographical boundaries agreed upon by the parents for the safety of the children. 

  • Monitor the cleaning of the lunch room by students 10 minutes before classes start for the afternoon.

  • Organize the tidying and closing down of the church, assigning various duties to students. 

  • Provide necessary information for a background check if required by the church.

  • Note: Duties may be added or deleted as we learn more about the needs of our group and church.


**A full list of responsibilities is located on the POC document above.

POC Responsibilities

2018-2019 - Brain Time (Study Hall) 

Brain Time (study hall) is any time when a student is not enrolled in a class but remains on campus, excluding lunch. During this hour, the student is expected to engage in academic related study.  This may include reading, writing, limited use of electronic equipment for the purposes of academic related work, and limited discussion with peers.

There is one Brain Time Coordinator who is present at all times who will supervise Brain Time in order to ensure the safety and focus of the students.  All families are required to sign a Brain Time Agreement which explains the benefits and expectations of Brain Time.  No one is required to participate in Brain Time. No parents are asked to serve as Brain Time Coordinators or Parents on Campus.  Parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend class with their students.


The fee for a student enrolled in Brain Time is $55 per year for each study hall hour the student attends. This non-refundable fee is due July 20, 2018 to the Brain Time Coordinator. This is an annual fee that reserves the  student's space for the year during that hour in Brain Time.


Regardless of a student's attendance during Brain Time each week, the fee remains the same and does not include prorated amounts or refunds. Parents are required to arrange for their student to be off campus for any Brain Time hours for which he/ she is not registered. If a student attends a Brain Time for which he is not registered, parents will be billed $55 for the remainder of the year and the student is welcome to continue to attend that hour of study hall. 

All fees are paid directly to the Brain Time Coordinator. Brain Times may be registered for on the official RCT Registration Form for 2018-2019. Your total fees will appear on your invoice.