RCT Snow Policy

Laurel Campus - Follow Howard County Schools

Bowie Campus - Follow Prince George's County Schools

If the county schools are one hour late, we will open on time.

If the county schools are two hours late or closed, our standard policy is we are closed. We will use discretion in extenuating circumstances.

The status of classes will be on the website by 6:00 am the morning of classes in question.  We will post as soon as we know information on the county schools and whether the parking lot has been plowed.

Even if RCT is open, we still must defer to the ability of individual tutors to safely travel to campus.  In the event RCT is open, but an individual tutor is unable to hold class, this will be posted on the website and specific arrangements will be made for a make up class.  

If RCT classes are not held, a live or recorded class session and a link to the information will be given to all students.

Regardless of whether class is held, please make the decision to travel based on your individual family circumstances.  We welcome students who would like to Skype or FaceTime with the class under these special circumstances.